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YNPN Portland Board of Advisors

The board plays an integral role in continuing YNPN Portland’s success, including finalizing governance systems, best practices for marketing and programming, strategic planning for the group’s priorities, and a focus on meaningful sustainability to carry the group into the future.

 Katie Frederick | Chair | She/Her  katie_headshot.jpg

 Family Equality Council | Database Manager

 Hometown: Springfield, Missouri

 Pun & Anagram Enthusiast | MO State Debate Team Alum | Pizza Connoisseur 

 What I love about Portland: "I love that it has features associated with a big city - transportation,  amazing food, so many things! - but doesn't feel overwhelming in size. It's such a beautiful place and  there are always new things to explore."

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: "I enjoy connecting with other people who are passionate about social justice, particularly those who are at similar stages in their lives and careers. Since joining YNPN as a volunteer, I've been able to expand my knowledge about the nonprofit sector through working on exciting projects with really talented people. It's a good space to 'nerd out' about nonprofit issues while empowering emerging leaders in the sector to enact genuine change."

And did I mention...? "I have a soft spot for British baking and comedy shows." 

 HEADSHOT - ErinErin Carver | Secretary | She/Her

Multnomah County Aging, Disability & Veterans Services | Case Manager

Hometown: Boise, ID

Food Enthusiast | Trail Explorer | Lover of Language

What I love about Portland: “Access! To restaurants, bars, mountains, water — everything. I feel incredibly fortunate to be so close to so many things I enjoy. Also, the feeling that people here care about their community.”

Why I’m involved in YNPN Portland: “It’s so important for people starting their careers — especially in the challenging, stressful, wonderful nonprofit sector — to have access to networks and opportunities. YNPN Portland helped me get started, and I want to make sure others have that chance, too!”

And Did I Mention…?: “I am on a never-ending quest for Portland’s perfect pad kee mao, which involves sampling a lot of carts.”


Amy Frey | Treasurer | She/Her

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon and SW Washington | Accounting Manager

Hometown: Oceanside, CA

St. Johns Ambassador | Perpetual Volunteer | Zombie Fan

What I love about Portland: We have such a vibrant nonprofit sector, working to tackle all sorts of issues. There's so much great work being done and so many opportunities to volunteer, get engaged and get informed! Plus, our movie theaters have beer and pizza.

Why I’m involved in YNPN Portland: “Because I believe the social sector is the area where my generation can best make inroads through collaboration, innovation, and inclusion, even before we’re handed the reigns of the public and private sectors.

And Did I Mention…?: I ran for Portland Mayor a few years ago because a website was having a sale on vinyl signs.

Lisa_Kislingbury_Anderson_headshot.jpgLisa Kislingbury Anderson | Marketing Committee Co-Chair | She/Her

Activist, community member, and volunteer

Hometown: Albany, OR

Storyteller | Adventure Lover | Dress-Up Queen

What I love about Portland: “I love that Portland is endearingly quirky and marches to the beat of its own drum. We're immersed in majestic Northwest beauty and creative expression. Portlanders aren't afraid to stand up for what they believe in and strive to make this city a better place.

Why I’m involved in YNPN Portland: Surrounding yourself with people who show up and care deeply about their community is energizing. ​Portland has a vibrant nonprofit scene, and a community of young professionals who are committed to social justice and equity."

And did I mention…?: My household hosts a 'Social Justice Karaoke Club.' Once a month, we gather our friends and neighbors to sing the night away and collect donations for different social causes and nonprofits."

Headshot.jpgBrittany Geertsen | Programming Committee Co-Chair | She/Her

United Way of the Columbia-Willamette | ELWC Preschool Promise Manager

Hometown: Richmond, CA

Food Junkie | Lover of all Things Dog-Related | Bitten by the Travel Bug

What I love about Portland: “The Portland metro area prioritizes green spaces and encourages self-reflection, personal growth and self-care.

And Did I Mention…?: “I love baking sweets, but don't love eating a ton of sweets.”

profile picCaroll M. Casbeer | Board Member | She/Her

Dove Lewis | Fundraising Event Specialist

Hometown: Austin, TX

Rescue Dog Lover | Snowshoer | Adventure Planning Portlander

What I love about Portland: “I love Portland for its proximity to nature and abundance of food.”

Why I’m involved in YNPN Portland: “I am involved in YNPN to meet and meaningfully engage other Portlanders in the non-profit sector.”

And Did I Mention…?: “I am really good at dominoes!"  

image1.jpegAli Benson | Board Member | She/Her

GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington | Program & Membership Manager

Hometown: Orange, CA

Aspiring Polyglot | Podcast Lover | Vegetarian Recipe Taster

What I love about Portland: “I love Portland's small, distinct neighborhoods. Moving to a new part of town can feel like moving to a new city sometimes. I also appreciate being a only few hours away from mountains, desert, coastline, forests, farmlands, waterfalls, and wine country.

And did I mention…?: I take great pride in cultivating a repository of random and often useless facts."

simone-crowe-160_0_square.jpg Simone Crowe | Board Member She/Her

 Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon | Communications Manager

 Hometown: Blue Hill, Maine

 Casual Climber of Rocks | Mainer | Masters of Public Policy Candidate at  PSU

 What I love about Portland: "How close it is to the some of the most beautiful places I've ever been.  Also the lovely people."

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: "I originally became interested because of their awesome commitment to launch into equity work. I'm also thrilled to learn from and support other young people who are committed to social justice in Portland."

And did I mention...? "I'm pretty darn obsessed with exploring the Pacific Northwest and all the adventures it offers."

14925709_10211451058698786_6888100172236707891_n.jpgNeah Jackson | Board Member | She/Her

American Cancer Society | Community Development Manager

Hometown: Tigard, OR

Martha Stewart 2.0 | Planner Extraordinaire | Fur Family Mom


What I love about Portland: “I have lived in this city my entire life and I must say I still can’t get over how truly gorgeous our Rose City is. Plus… there is literally always something going on.”

Why I’m involved in YNPN Portland: “From pretty early in college I knew I wanted to work in the Non-profit industry but was incredibly disappointed by the lack of support and direction to navigate the unique roles within many organizations. Through YNPN, I am excited to provide support, professional development and camaraderie to fellow non-profit professionals.”

And Did I Mention…?: “I may or may not organize the following by color: my closet, my bookshelf, my DVDs and my supply of post it notes. In other words: I love organization!”


Scott Montgomery | Board Member | He/Him

Morrison Child and Family Services | Chief Administrative Officer

Hometown: Pendleton, OR

Runner | Planner | Optimist

What I love about Portland: “As a kid I always loved visiting and exploring Portland and was certain that I would live here one day. I now get to share this joy with my own little family on a daily basis!”

Why I’m involved in YNPN Portland: “I am forever grateful to those that have supported my career development. I see YNPN as a supportive community that will help ensure others experience the some kind of support in their careers.”

And did I mention…?: “When I made a big move from the East Coast back to the West Coast a number of years ago, I was not a big fan of getting used to a new city name. Portland to Portland!”

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