Day in the Life: Alexa

Macintosh HD:Users:alexamorris:Downloads:_DSC2674.jpgMy name is Alexa and I currently work as a Web & Social Media Manager for The Salvation Army Cascade Division, which serves Oregon and Southern Idaho. I am motivated to make information about The Salvation Army and the services they provide, accessible across digital platforms. Did you know that The Salvation Army is more than a thrift store?

In Portland, Oregon alone they operate a Veterans & Family Center, a domestic violence shelter, a female emergency shelter, multiple food pantry programs and those are just to name a few.

What does my day look like?

I love coffee hot or cold -  as long as it’s in my hand by eight o’clock! On my morning commute to Happy Valley, Oregon I grab my fuel of choice, which is currently an iced americano with honey and almond milk from Dutch Bros.

When I arrive at work I login to Slack + Trello, which are two platforms that I use (constantly) to collaborate with my co-workers in Happy Valley and my colleagues in the 13 Western United States (The Salvation Army USA Western Territory).

Our team develops content that provides brand consistency for The Salvation Army USA Western Territory.

Each week we focus on a few projects that will provide the most value for our non-profit. Then we split into small groups to complete these projects by Friday at 2PM. These projects are sprinkled into the work I do for The Salvation Army locally in Oregon and Southern Idaho. Such as populating 32 local Salvation Army Facebook pages with branded content.

About mid-morning I sit with my Director of Communications & Marketing and discuss what we’re working on and what we have coming up. Then she knows my workload, which helps when there is a lot of projects coming in left and right.

Although I spend a lot of time at my desk, it’s important for me to get up and get outside. This is for my sanity and my purple Fitbit that I am slightly addicted to. Fun fact: one sweet new feature with the Fitbit Alta is that it reminds you to stand up and move around every hour. To be honest, some days I appreciate the reminder, while other days I could throw the thing out the window. I suppose I have a love/hate relationship with my fitness tracker.

Macintosh HD:Users:alexamorris:Downloads:IMG_2190.JPG

Alexa's Desk!

Before I leave the office for the day, I look at my check-list and mark what has been done and then create a new check-list for the next day. Then when I come into the office the next day I already have my check-list ready to go!

Then once a month we have a YNPN Marketing Committee Meeting. Great people, good food and a million opportunities for me to contribute to the YNPN digital presence.After work I hit the gym. I noticed that when I pencil in gym time into my calendar I am more likely to go. If it’s not in my calendar, I won’t likely make it. In other words, schedule personal time! I am a huge fan of LesMills Body Pump class! #checkitout

And that’s it. Day is done. I’m on my way home!

* * *

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Do you have any questions about digital marketing, social media or The Salvation Army in the Portland Metro area? Connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter @alexadallaspdx.