Event Recap: Falling in Self-Love

Britt Stetson, a long-time volunteer and board member of YNPN Portland, gave a heart-felt presentation on self-care practices at Hatch Innovation Lab last Wednesday. Around 30 non-profit and for-profit professionals came out to learn how to better care for themselves in careers that are rewarding but also demanding and high-stress. Retelling tales of a more hectic and self-care lacking time in her life, Britt's anecdotal stories brought smiles and illustrated common situations that developing professionals face daily, yearly, and throughout their career.

By breaking into small groups, taking the time to ask questions and share stories, all those in attendance were reminded that they were not alone, and learned that the common struggles of work-life balance are dealt with through patience and dedication to oneself. Common issues such as getting enough sleep (7+ hours a night), making enough time for fun (planning a friends' night out and sticking too it), reducing unnecessary or timely morning habits (sleeping in, waking up way too early, responding to emails before actually starting work) were all realized to be basic and easily-remedied obstacles that could be managed with better attentiveness to one's own needs.

YNPN Portland would like to thank Koya and Hatch Innovation Lab for making this event possible. To keep apprised of more events like this, and everything else YNPN Portland is doing in your city, subscribe or become a member today!