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I found YNPN one year ago, while doing my internship at the Urban League of Portland, doing an MLK Day of Service. I was moved by the humility and desire for change in the YNPN members that I met and decided to become a part of the movement, joining the programming committee. And after a year of struggle, between scheduling of work and school, with my graduation impeding, I am finally able to be a member of YNPN who can dedicate time and passion to further the cause. It's a great organization to be apart of!

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Online Event - Leadership: Navigating Uncertainty with Courage w/Derek Rey

Navigating leadership and overcoming uncertainty simultaneously does not have to be inundating and stressful. Oftentimes, leadership comes from within and can be exemplified by both ordinary and extraordinary efforts. In the current climate, focus and clarity seem like unattainable ends. With the right tools and mind frame, courage can triumph even the most unparalleled of scenarios and situations. Join us as we glean insight into how to lead in times of uncertainty from Derek Rey, of Derek Rey Consulting.

Derek Pangelinan is the owner and principal consultant of Derek Rey Consulting, LLC.  He is a management and leadership coach, workplace culture consultant, team-builder, workshop facilitator, and speaker on many subjects related to leadership and workplace culture.  With more than 10 years in this line of work, he has led hundreds of workshops with more than 10,000 participants, written over 100 hours of original content, and individually coached hundreds of leaders in charge of business units that range from revenue in the millions to over $2B.

For this session, Derek will discuss that challenges of, and strategies for leading your people during a time of crisis and what it takes to lead transition during these times. If time allows, he will be open for a Q&A about today's subject or anything else related to leadership and workplace culture.

Our event details are currently:

Location: via Zoom

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Meeting ID: 857 0197 2413

Date: Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

Time: at 10:00 am

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Why is capacity limited for this event?

A: Thirty-five has been the typical average number of attendees following our previous in-person events, so it seemed like a realistic number to continue with. Our speaker wanted to be able to have conversations with the attendees and opted to keep with 35 attendees. Capacity is dependent upon speaker goals and preference, as opposed to technological limitations at this time.

2. Will a recording of this be available to YNPN Portlanders?

A: It is our intention to record this event and offer it online to our members. However, as YNPN Portland respects the individual intellectual rights of our speakers, the final say and availability of a recording will be up to the speaker themselves. At this time, Derek is onward with allowing us to share a recording of this event with our members.

3. Is YNPN Portland planning other events like this in the future?

A: Yes, we are.  We have a few ideas that were based on results from our 2020 Membership Survey. and always looking for more ideas. If you or someone you know would be interested in co-hosting or hosting an online event, please email info@ynpnportland.org.

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July 14, 2020 at 10am
Zoom Meeting
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