Leadership Team

YNPN Portland Board of Advisors

The board plays an integral role in continuing YNPN Portland’s success, including governance and oversight, best practices for marketing and programming, strategic planning for the group’s priorities, and a focus on meaningful sustainability to carry the group into the future.


Kaleema A. Kerbs | Board Chair| She/Her(s)

United Way of the Columbia-Willamette | Corporate Relations Executive

Hometown: Portland, OR

Proud owner of three Health Science degrees | Epic fantasy writer and reader | Moderate sports enthusiast

What I love about Portland: "It is a densely-packed melting pot of out-of-towners, recent transplantees, and hidden native Portlanders. You'll never know who you'll meet! Locale-wise we are so amazingly close to beaches and the coast, mountains and hiking trails, plains and the desert - so we never run out of things to do year-round!"

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: "YNPN is a tremendous organization that allows individuals to foster longstanding relationships, both personally and professionally, with like-minded nonprofit people. The ripples of partnership, networking and connection, will always be a boon to your social network and to your work portfolio."

And did I mention...? "My fiancé and I have tried, at least five times, to beat the Halo: Masterchief Collection on Legendary. Tips would be helpful. Also, how am I supposed to live now that Telltale Games is no more?"

image1.jpegAli Benson | Board Vice Chair | She/Her(s)

SecureWorld | Program Manager

Hometown: Orange, CA

Aspiring Polyglot | Podcast Lover | Vegetarian Recipe Tester

What I love about Portland: “I love Portland's small, distinct neighborhoods. Moving to a new part of town can feel like moving to a new city sometimes. I also appreciate being only a few hours away from mountains, desert, coastline, forests, farmlands, waterfalls, and wine country.”

And did I mention…?: “I take great pride in cultivating a repository of random and often useless facts."


Amy Frey | Treasurer | She/Her(s)

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon and SW Washington | Accounting Manager

Hometown: Oceanside, CA

St. Johns Ambassador | Perpetual Volunteer | Zombie Fan

What I love about Portland: We have such a vibrant nonprofit sector, working to tackle all sorts of issues. There's so much great work being done and so many opportunities to volunteer, get engaged and get informed! Plus, our movie theaters have beer and pizza.

Why I’m involved in YNPN Portland: “Because I believe the social sector is the area where my generation can best make inroads through collaboration, innovation, and inclusion, even before we’re handed the reigns of the public and private sectors.

And Did I Mention…?: I ran for Portland Mayor a few years ago because a website was having a sale on vinyl signs.


Samantha Baker Fundraising Officer, Interim Secretary | She/Her(s)

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation | Development Director

Hometown: Wall, NJ

Organizer & Planner Extraordinaire | Travel Junkie | Yoga Teacher

What I love about Portland: After living in bigger cities like Boston and San Francisco, I love the small town, community-feel of Portland. We might be a large group of transplants, but the city seems to share the same loves; hiking & outdoor adventures, doing good, wellness, delicious food, dogs... which happen to be a few of my favorite things. Plus, you're always a road-trip away from an adventure, whether you love the city, mountains, or beach.

Why I’m involved in YNPN Portland: “I made a conscious decision at an early age to commit my career to doing good in the world, but it's not easy. The road is paved with inequality, long hours, underpaid staff, lack of resources, and an overall misunderstanding of what we actually do day to day. I'm inspired and encouraged by other young professionals who share the same passion, determination, and frustration, and I believe that our success lies in supporting one another and lifting each other up, ultimately lifting up our communities.”

And Did I Mention…?: I'd love to show you pictures of my husky/shepard puppy, she'll brighten your day!


Katrina Doughty | Community Engagement Officer | She/Her(s)  

211info | Maternal and Child Health Coordinator

Hometown: Occidental, California

Travel/Hiking Enthusiast | Reproductive Justice Advocate |  Eternal Volunteer

What I love about Portland: "I love that this city has so much potential; there is a difficult and less than equitable history here, but a determination to improve, grow and learn.  I also enjoy that nature is so close and integrated throughout the city."

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: "I enjoy connecting and collaborating with other people who are passionate about social and reproductive justice.  I appreciate learning from/with others in this field, with the goal of improvement and progress. I look forward to being able to expand my knowledge about the range of careers and goals in the nonprofit sector through working on exciting projects with a wide range of people/colleagues.”

And did I mention...? "The best way in to my heart is with anything teal, dark chocolate (with sea salt) or info on the best place to get good tacos."

 14925709_10211451058698786_6888100172236707891_n.jpgAllison Julander | Marketing Committee Chair | She/Her(s)

Cambia Health Solutions | Digital Product Marketing Analyst

Hometown: Bakersfield, California

Book Hoarder | Pun Devotee | Nostalgic Analog Photographer

What I love about Portland: "I love the proximity to rivers, forests, mountains, and the coast, in addition to the proximity to so many lovely people!"

Why I’m involved in YNPN Portland: "We are a community of likeminded nonprofit folks learning and being challenged and growing together. I want to help spread the word about what we are doing and ensure that all young nonprofit professionals in the area are aware of this supportive, inclusive, safe community."

And did I mention…? "I love to read, but if you ask my fiance he will laugh because I am always complaining about how sad the book I'm reading is! I don't know why I do this to myself but I have a tendency to choose the most heartwrenching books. If you want to see the latest one, please connect with me on Goodreads!"


Kevin Le | Programming Committee Co-Chair | He/His

ThinkShout | Office & Events Coordinator

Hometown: Cupertino, California

Nature Paparazzi | Obsessive Food Eater | Lazy Gym Goer

What I love about Portland: "Portland has the three main things that keep me happy: close access to hiking trails, drizzly weather for soup season 7 months of the year, and tons of restaurants to keep trying out."

Why I’m involved in YNPN Portland: "I am excited to help plan events that will help young professionals develop professional skills and network with like-minded professionals in their field."

And did I mention…? "In my current geriatric age, I recall fond memories of summitting Mt Kilimanjaro at the peak of my prime....when I was 24."

Headshot.jpgGina Sander | Programming Committee Co-Chair | She/Her(s)

Think Real Estate  |  Executive Assistant

Hometown: Portland, OR

Craft Queen | Musical Lover

What I love about Portland: "Portland is mix of some of my favorite things, great food, great art, and the great outdoors. I feel so lucky to live in a vibrant city within driving distance of lakes, oceans, mountains, and incredible forests."

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: "I am thrilled to support an organization that provides an inclusive space for young professionals to collaborate, innovate, and grow. Non-profit work is the backbone of our community and the employees and volunteers of those organizations are vital to their success. By supporting YNPN and its members, I know that I am supporting a community that will strengthen our city and its values."

Headshot.jpgAlex Rice | At-Large Board Member | She/Her(s)

Hometown: West Des Moines, IA

World Traveler | Urban Gardener | Political Junkie

What I love about Portland: "Bike amenities and vegetarian food!"

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: "I want to help local nonprofit professionals grow in their careers and apply their talents to improving our community."

And did I mention...? "I first came to Portland at the start of a 4290-mile solo bicycle ride across the country."

Headshot.jpgBriana Villalobos | At-Large Board Member | She/Her(s)/They/Them

Bark Out | Development Director

Hometown: Corona, CA

Environmental Justice Advocate | Proud Cat Mom | Roller Skater Extraordinaire

What I love about Portland: "I've always felt a bit like Goldilocks, forever trying to find THE perfect place to call home. I grew tired of the city and suburbs I grew up in, and spent the majority of my adult life hiding away in the redwood forests longing for the delicious food cities offer... Portland is my perfect chair, not too big, not to small. With beautiful landscapes close within reach, bike paths for me to commute freely, and a community of gifted professionals, artisans, and weirdos - it's a real treat!"

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland"Nonprofit professionals often "fall-into" this work, meaning that many of us are not professionally educated or groomed to be the best nonprofit professionals we can be. We wing it, and we excel due to our backgrounds, education, skills, and passion for the issue(s). YNPN creates a space to share resources, develop our skills, and network with all the wonderfully unique nonprofits in Portland."

And did I mention...? "I have a special Instagram where I feature all my favorite corn dogs in Portland."

Headshot.jpgKaitlin Nam | At-Large Board Member | She/Her(s)

Willamette Valley Development Officers (WVDO) | Membership Development Manager

Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

Food is the way to my heart | Always cold | Amateur artist, I guess

What I love about Portland: "Portland summers are pretty incredible--long, sunny days with very little humidity. There's always something to do, and the nature within the city and surrounding it is amazing. Also, the food is delicious and there are so many options."

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: "I believe in the power of community. Sharing resources, knowledge, and leaning on each other for support, guidance, and solidarity are how we can build momentum for meaningful change, especially at the local level. YNPN seems to be a great place to channel my values of community and contribute to the Portland and nonprofit community."

Headshot.jpgLouisa Mariki | At-Large Board Member | She/Her(s)

Oregon Humanities | Program Coordinator

Hometown: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Live Music Connoisseur | British Panel Show Appreciator| One-Pot Meal Devotee

What I love about Portland: "The intentionality around conscious community building and It's the perfect sized city to walk everywhere...mostly. Delicious food & drink, a penchant for the arts, and a backdrop that makes everything 10 times better during the fall & winter."

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: "Because it's human-centered. YNPN's dedication to collaborative development through creating and nurturing relationships provides a great resource for non-profit professionals at any level of their career. It offers a great framework to build long-lasting and equitable systems that can support us across the spectrum of social sector work we are involved in. Because it's human-centered. YNPN's dedication to collaborative development through creating and nurturing relationships provides a great resource for non-profit professionals at any level of their career. It offers a great framework to build long-lasting and equitable systems that can support us across the spectrum of social sector work we are involved in."

Did I mention...? "Because it's human-centered. YNPN's dedication to collaborative development through creating and nurturing relationships provides a great resource for non-profit professionals at any level of their career. It offers a great framework to build long-lasting and equitable systems that can support us across the spectrum of social sector work we are involved in."

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