Leadership Team

YNPN Portland Leadership Team

About the YNPN Portland Board

YNPN Portland is an all-volunteer organization that activates emerging leaders by connecting them with resources, people, and ideas. 

As YNPN Portland’s leadership team, members of the Board set the tone for the organization’s work. The YNPN Portland Board is charged with organizational and financial oversight, fiduciary responsibility, and strategic planning and implementation for YNPN Portland. Board Members are responsible for making decisions, delegating work, and assuring that decisions are carried out in the manner intended. 

The YNPN Portland Board is a working board. In other words, Board Members are not only expected to perform their fiduciary and strategic duties, but they are also responsible for carrying out decisions and implementing ideas in partnership with volunteers and committee members.

Here are our current Board Volunteers!

Kaleema A.F. Murphy| Board Chair| She/Her(s)

Unite Us - Connect Oregon | Customer Success Manager

Hometown: Portland, OR

Proud owner of three Health Science degrees | Epic fantasy writer and reader | Moderate sports enthusiast

What I love about Portland: "It is a densely-packed melting pot of out-of-towners, recent transplantees, and hidden native Portlanders. You'll never know who you'll meet! Locale-wise we are so amazingly close to beaches and the coast, mountains and hiking trails, plains and the desert - so we never run out of things to do year-round!"

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: "YNPN is a tremendous organization that allows individuals to foster longstanding relationships, both personally and professionally, with like-minded nonprofit people. The ripples of partnership, networking and connection, will always be a boon to your social network and to your work portfolio."

And did I mention...? "My fiancé (now husband) and I have tried, at least five times, to beat the Halo: Masterchief Collection on Legendary. Tips would be helpful. Also, how am I supposed to live now that Telltale Games is no more?"


Headshot.jpgGina Sander | Secretary (outgoing) | She/Her(s)

Camp Fire Columbia, Camp Namanu  |  Camp Director

Hometown: Portland, OR

Craft Queen | Musical Lover | Portland Born & Raised

What I love about Portland: "Portland is mix of some of my favorite things, great food, great art, and the great outdoors. I feel so lucky to live in a vibrant city within driving distance of lakes, oceans, mountains, and incredible forests."

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: "I am thrilled to support an organization that provides an inclusive space for young professionals to collaborate, innovate, and grow. Non-profit work is the backbone of our community and the employees and volunteers of those organizations are vital to their success. By supporting YNPN and its members, I know that I am supporting a community that will strengthen our city and its values."


Emily Davis | Secretary (incoming) | She/Her(s)

Kelley Nonprofit Consulting | Development Associate

Hometown: Orinda, CA

Color-Coordinated Planner Connoisseur | Road Trip Lover | Sketch Comedy Performer

What I love about Portland... "Portland has so much to offer, especially for young people. I like how each neighborhood, each little corner of the city, has its own feel. You could pick a new restaurant or bar visit, a new outdoor spot to explore, or a new community event to attend and never run out of things to do and see. Portland has so much life and razzle dazzle :) "

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland... "I joined YNPN Portland to meet people and expand my personal and professional horizons with other people in the sector. I'm excited to contribute to YNPN's growth, develop new skills, and connect with like-minded people."

And did I mention...? "I am obsessed with music from the early 2000s."


Sage Nicholson | Treasurer (incoming) | She/Her(s)

UKANDU | Development Coordinator

Hometown: Portland, OR

Dog Mom | Oregon Ducks Enthusiast | Harry Styles's Biggest Fan

What I love about Portland: "Portland has been my home for the past 24 years and it never ceases to amaze me with its natural beauty and friendly residents. I love how close Portland is to the mountains, the beach, and everything in between - no matter the time of year there is always something to do! I am also so grateful for how kind and genuine the Portland community is."

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: "I am excited about any group or organization that focuses on fostering community and shared experiences - especially amongst young professionals. YNPN is such an amazing group due to its specific focus on the public sector. This sector is full of such amazing and unique professionals, many of whom share similar successes and struggles. YNPN allows us to come together to grow and share in those experiences."

And did I mention...? "I'm passionate about any and all personality tests. If you have a good one, send it my way."


Erin Newton| Marketing Co-Chair | She/Her(s)

Self | Boss

Hometown: San Jose, CA

I love to travel | Powell’s Books is one of my favorite places on earth | I will take any excuse to wear a costume

What I love about Portland: "I love that our most beautiful steel suspension bridge is bright green. I love that Portlanders know we’re not perfect, but we’re trying to get better. And I love that Salt & Straw is still coming up with original flavors."

Why I’m involved with YNPN Portland: "I am involved with YNPN Portland because I love to meet new people who want to commiserate and rejoice about being a young person in the nonprofit sector. I believe that together we can make our lives, our work, and our city at least a little better by being in each other’s lives."

And did I mention...? "If the topic for Trivia Night is Harry Potter, you definitely want me on your team."


Cassidy Johnston | Marketing Committee Co-Chair | She/her(s)

VertueLab | Brand Activation Manager

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Memoir Reader | Cloud/Star/Sky Gazer | House Plant Mother

What I love about Portland… "You can walk from one end of the city to the other in under an hour depending on how many stops you make. I love heading over the river to meet some friends for drinks, jumping across Burnside to go to the Portland State Farmers Market, or staying close to home in NW where I can walk anywhere I need to go!"

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland… "Because I want to connect with other nonprofit leaders to expand my network and find new friendships. I am also very excited to be a part of the next generation of nonprofit leaders that are focused on transitioning this sector into a more equitable, accessible, and inclusive one."

And did I mention... "I am a HUGE Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan... I have a tattoo from the show and my dog's name is Buffy. 


Phoebe Petersen | Programming Co-Chair | She/her(s)

SMART Reading | Communications Manager

Hometown: Bend, OR

Lifelong Vegetarian | Avid Reader | Fast Walker

What I love about Portland…"the walkable neighborhoods, the amazing food, and the proximity to forests, mountains, and ocean."

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland… "I love the nonprofit sector and all of the incredible organizations who contribute so much to our community. I’m excited to be involved in an organization that supports and connects young professionals across the public sector."

And did I mention…? "I love discovering new podcasts."


Headshot.jpgTristan Penn | Programming Co-Chair | He/Him/His

NTEN | Community Engagement & Equity Manager

Hometown: Lawrence, KS / McPherson, KS

Tuba Player | Greek Classics/Mythology enthusiast | Lifter of weights

What I love about Portland: "I love the food and the proximity to so many different things (mountains, coast, desert, forests)."

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: "I'm involved because the nonprofit sector is changing and I want to help and lead those changes within the community in a way that supports, uplifts, and prioritizes our most marginalized YNPN members in their own values-centered and mission-driven work; because when we prioritize the most marginalized in our communities, everyone benefits."

And did I mention...? "I'm an alumni of the University of Kansas - Rock Chalk Jayhawk!"


Anne Schuyler-Moon | At-Large | She/Her(s)

enrich | Customer Success Associate

Hometown: Independence, Oregon

Has Two Greyhounds | Makes Spreadsheets | Reads Books

What I love about Portland… "I love Portland's vegan restaurants and my easy access to family and nature."

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland… "because YNPN strengthens the nonprofit community by networking and training motivated emerging leaders in their career and program development. It is a space for innovation, connection and support with one's professional peers."

And did I mention...? "I have two greyhounds."


Brent Balog| At-Large | He/Him/His

Clackamas Workforce Partnership

Hometown: Portland, Oregon (originally from Vienna, West Virginia)

Former Haunted Hotel Bellman (named after Aaron Burr harborers) | Fantastic Beard Owner (as noted by Gov. Kate Brown) | Ordained "minister" with the Universal Life Church

What I love about Portland… "I love Portland’s proximity to so many different types of natural beauty: forests, mountains, the coast, the high desert – it is great to be so close to a variety of outdoor settings. Aside from that, I love that there is always a new restaurant to try, a robust library system, a neat art and music scene, and it is always green -- even in winter!"

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland… "I am involved in YNPN because I think it is important to provide local nonprofits (and the young professionals who work in the industry) a place to connect, make friends, share ideas and resources, better align our collective work, advocate for positive changes in our community, learn new things and gain new skills, and have fun while doing good!"

And did I mention... "I am honing my Spanish skills and always looking for folks to practice with!"


Bryse Bishoff HeadshotBryse Bishoff | At-Large | She/Her(s)

Fortis Construction, Inc. | HR Generalist

Hometown: Sherwood, OR

I’m named after a professional surfer, not a Canyon | I make my dog’s food from scratch | I love cooking! Probably more than eating

What I love about Portland"I can be at the Coast, a Lake, or a Mountain within an hour and a half. I love that in Oregon we can experience all four seasons!"

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: "As a young professional in the private sector, I feel that I have the capability and network to provide resources to the non-profit sector. When considering YNPN, I was really drawn by the opportunity to help many non-profit organizations and make a broader impact than focusing on a single cause."

And did I mention...? "I’m a wine snob?"


Mina Colon | At-Large | She/her(s)

Center for Health Systems Effectiveness | Policy Research

Hometown: West Warwick, RI

Docuseries fanatic | Dog Mom | Avid daydreamer

What I love about Portland: "You’re never very far from a new and exciting adventure!"

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: "I believe that non-profits are the backbone of our community infrastructure and YNPN helps to support the evolution of them. By leveraging local networks and providing a dedicated space for uplifting those individuals that help run them, YNPN contributes to meaningful and sustainable change for our community at large—a journey I’m excited to be a part of!

And did I mention...? "I’ve watched every episode of Jeopardy!"


Parker Gallagher | At-Large | He/Him/His

Allen Trust Company | Assistant Portfolio Manager & Tax Specialist

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina

Surf/Snow Boarder | Taco Lover | Road Tripper

What I love about Portland is...? "I love the size of the city. There are so many restaurants, bars, shops and parks that are within a walk or bike ride. The accessibility to great snow and waves coupled with awesome people makes Portland a perfect home for me."

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland… "I have always been interested in nonprofit work and finding a network of like-minded people I can trust and grow with in hopes to make the world a better place. YNPN offers that and much more."

And did I mention...? "I live out of my truck converted to a camper on the weekends chasing waves, snow, and sunsets."