Online Event - Perceptions of Worldview: Changing for Your Benefit w/Ross

There are a lot of experiences that can build us up or break us down. Realizing your self in relation to the world, who you are and who you are not, who you think you need to be for others versus who you need to be for yourself, is the achievement of self-acceptance, self-validation, and self-awareness. Balancing that achievement with the truth that other’s perception of you holds no sway on your potential, your story, and your truth, can change your reality for your benefit.

After enlisting in the Marine Corps, Jonathan spent the next six and a half years serving our great nation. In Pakistan, Jonathan was elected as the Vice-Chairman of a USEA (United States Employee Association) in which he Managed the benefits and welfare of 400+ local employees of the United States Embassy and Consulates of Pakistan.

He was charged with ensuring the successful operation of food services, recreation facilities, employee services, and administration of any funds acquired by the association, total over $2 million. This was all by the age of 25. Jonathan has held many job positions as he believes great leaders are first great followers, from public affairs work-study to skydiving instructor. Ross has been recognized on many different platforms. One includes speeches given at city hall on how he views young black men in Portland and the framework society portrays. 

An Ambitious man, he has always believed himself to be Jonathan (Ross) grew up in Portland, Oregon, and is currently finishing up his B.A in Communications and Design Management. At PSU in hopes of Continuing to Serve Veterans as they have served him in the past and others who struggle in realizing their potential.   

Our conversation will be taking place...

Location: via Zoom

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Date: Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

Time: at 10:00 am

Currently, the event is scheduled for 45 minutes but be sure to plan for 1 hour of time.

  • Section 1: Our Own Personal Story
  • Section 2: Self Perception and People’s Perception
  • Section 3: Creative Morality
  • Section 4: Power of Conscious Ventures


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1. Why only 35 people?

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3. Is YNPN Portland planning other events like this in the future?

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June 02, 2020 at 10:00am - 11am


Zoom Meeting


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