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Recap: 2017 YNPN National Conference Take Aways

YNPN Portland Board Members Katie Frederick and Patricia Cronin attended the 2017 YNPN National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Patricia interviewed Katie about her experience.

Patricia: What was the most inspiring moment for you at YNPN 17?

Katie: While I was a little apprehensive about visiting Atlanta in August, I appreciated the opportunities the conference offered to get more familiar with the city, especially its history with the civil rights movement. On Saturday morning I woke up to the news that there had been rioting by white supremacists in Charlottesville, and that evening I visited Martin Luther King Jr.’s tomb at The King Center. It was an inspiration to reflect on King’s idea of the “beloved community” and how far we still have to go in making our communities equitable and just today.

Patricia: Can you give an example of something a chapter is doing particularly well?

Katie: I’m Twitter-obsessed, and whenever I need a little Twitter inspiration, I look to YNPN Chicago. They make such good use of this channel as a resource for their members - whether through #JobsMonday or #YNPNChiChat, where they bring together local and national voices in the sector to communicate directly with their followers. Plus they made this great Storify about all the #YNPN17 tweets.

Patricia: What lessons or programs do you hope to bring back to YNPN Portland?

Katie: Whether through digital resources (like YNPN Chicago) or events, I want to find more ways to lift up and celebrate the nonprofits in our community. YNPN Austin hosts “nonprofit tours” that connect people to the excellent work being done locally. I think there’s an opportunity to mirror these programs in Portland and use these points of engagement to collaborate, share strategies, and make connections.

Patricia: What do you hope YNPN Portland members know about our national scope?

Katie: My favorite part of every YNPN national conference is connecting with leaders from across the country who share our struggles and are passionate about making their communities a better place. I want our members to know that they are also part of this network - which ranges from San Diego to Oklahoma City to Boston - and that it’s full of people who are working to change systems, advance equity, and be of service to others. You can find a full list of chapters here. Pick a few, sign up for their newsletters or follow them on social media, and benefit from their ideas and resources.


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