Event Recap: Thrice as Nice

thriceasnice.pngThree presenters from the 2016 Activate! Summit shared bite-size versions of their professional development content with YNPN Portland on September 28, 2016. More than twenty attendees gathered to reflect on equity, leadership, and aligning personal and professional goals at Taborspace. Thanks to all who attended!

Presentations represented the full range of Activate! topics - Personal Meets Professional, 21st Century Leadership, and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Kate Rood of the Beneficial State Foundation and Abby Chroman of Portland State University presented the Personal Business Model canvas, which helps people identify fulfilling career paths. Kate and Abby guided attendees through crafting a Purpose Statement to connect activities they enjoy with causes they care about. Read more about the Personal Business Model canvas and see slides from Kate and Abby's full Activate! presentation here

Ariella Frishberg and Heather Redman of YWCA Portland presented "Dynamics of Oppression." Attendees gained a greater understanding of the components of oppression: power and privilege, and worked in small groups to distinguish oppressive behaviors from those that lacked one of those components. See slides from Ariella and Heather's full Activate! presentation here

Nathan Webster of NW & Associates shared stories that helped him develop a new perspective on failure. Whether in finding a new career path or running a marathon, there's always room for mistakes - Nathan's stories helped attendees understand how to learn from those mistakes. See slides from Nathan's full Activate! presentation here

Thanks to all who presented, attended, and volunteered, and check out our homepage for upcoming events.