Organization Spotlight - TaborSpace

In an effort to build community and open up the beautiful, historic Mt Tabor Church building as a resource for the neighborhood, TaborSpace was founded by church members and neighbors of the Mt. Tabor area. After being closed for 40 years, the doors to the original bell tower and entrance into the new coffee house opened on June 23rd 2009 and marked the beginning of what is now becoming a thriving grassroots community center.

Organization Information:

Mission: TaborSpace creates connected community, by providing a welcoming and nurturing gathering place, as a collaboration between the church and the neighborhood.

Location: Southeast Portland

Founding Date: June 23, 2009

Staff Size: 6

Interviewee Information:

Interviewee 1: Lauren Moomaw, Program Director

Interviewee 2: Madi Goldsmith, Event Scheduler

All About TaborSpace:

What makes TaborSpace a nonprofit?  

Lauren: Not only are we primarily volunteer run, everything we offer, from mochas to room rentals, yoga classes to concerts, is by suggested donation and sliding scale.  Our intention is to be available to everyone.

What would we find at TaborSpace?  

Madi: You will find affordable spaces for public and private events, a large community room and children's play area, delicious coffee from Ristretto Roasters, pastries from Bakeshop bakey, weekly music events, yoga classes, meditation classes and last but not least, a whole bunch of smiling faces.

Why is TaborSpace's work important?  

Madi: We provide the community with a welcoming, accessible place to gather and learn from one another, grow with one another and share with one another.

What is TaborSpace's greatest, recent achievement?  

Lauren: TaborSpace has begun holding monthly community gathering meetings, as a place to increate connections and unity with those involved with the Mt Tabor Neighborhood, TaborSpace and Mt Tabor Presbyterian Church

Where do you see TaborSpace in 20 years?

Madi: It would be excellent to see the TaborSpace porgram be used a model for other spaces and churches, whose buildings and communities could benefit from increased activity and connection.

All About Young Professionals:

What roles do young professionals fill at TaborSpace? 

Madi: Presenting innovative and powerful ideas regarding the fostering of connected community. As young professionals, we continue to ask questions and promote change and forward motion in our organization.

And Before We Conclude:

What can YNPN Portlanders do to help TaborSpace?

Madi: Attend an event or become a volunteer! Check out our website at to learn more about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

What do volunteers do at TaborSpace?

Lauren: As part of our Mission, everyone involved at TaborSpace volunteers a little, or a lot!  The doors stay open and the organization continues to grow because of the diverse gifts everyone brings to the table.  From the baristas to the parish house partners, the advisory team to the event hosts, the volunteers make TaborSpace possible.