Organization Spotlight - World Pulse

Organization Name: World Pulse

Organization Mission: We use digital media to lift and unite women’s voices to accelerate their impact for the world.

Staff Size: 17 people (80% of the staff would self-identify as "young professionals")

Founding Date: 2003

Interviewees Information:

Name & Title: Leana Mayzlina, Digital Action Campaign Manager

Name & Title: Della Rae, Officer Manager

At age 25, what were you doing and what were you thinking?
Leana: I was working in international cooperation for poverty alleviation in Chile, and thinking about where my next destination would be.

All About World Pulise:

Why is World Pulse's work important?
Leana: Women’s empowerment isn’t happening fast enough.  The majority of grassroots women leading change on the ground in their communities are isolated, invisible, under-resourced and lack local and global influence. We believe that voice is the precursor to change. When women are heard and connected, they will transform the world.

Why Portland?
Leana: We are a global organization, but feel that Portland is a great city for home base - it's full of passionate, professional people who want to make positive changes in the world.

If NAO had a theme song, what would it be?
Della: "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross!

Great theme song! How about a dream spokesperson?
Leana: Leymah Gbowee - check her out at

What is World Pulse's greatest frustration?
Della: Striking a set balance between the vast work to be done with time and resources.

And on a lighter note, how about your greatest achievement?
Leana: It's hard to pick just one, but the kick-off of our website redesign, our new project with Intel, and the launch of the Women Weave the Web Campaign might be some of the most exciting ones!

All About Young Professionals:

What roles do young professionals fill at World Pulse?
Della: Everything! Ranging from Associate to Management.

What is the greatest difficulty in employing young professionals? (Don't worry... we won't take it personally!)
Della: Longevity.

And better yet, what is the greatest reward in employing young professionals?
Della: Inherent knowledge of technology and diversity.

What kinds of changes, if any, has World Pulse made to accommodate young professionals?
Della: World Pulse invests in individual professional development and seeks to continually build culture, especially for young professionals.

And Before We Conclude:

If you had one bit of advice to pass along to young professionals in their pursuit of becoming tomorrow's leaders, what would it be?
Della: Listen more - master the art of in person communication. Learn from your mistakes and then share what you know.

What can YNPN Portlanders do to help World Pulse?
Leana: Encourage people to sign up to become part of the World Pulse community and provide professional development resources in the Portland area.