Welcome New Board Members!

We're proud to introduce five new members to the YNPN Portland board!

These new board members will play an integral role in continuing YNPN Portland’s ongoing success, as well as governance systems, best practices for marketing and programming, strategic planning for the group’s priorities, and a focus on meaningful sustainability to carry the group into the future.

simone-crowe-160_0.jpgSimone Crowe | Board Member

Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon | Communications Manager

Hometown: Blue Hill, Maine

Casual Climber of Rocks | Mainer | Masters of Public Policy Candidate at PSU

What I love about Portland: How close it is to the some of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Also the lovely people.

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: I originally became interested because of their awesome commitment to launch into equity work. I'm also thrilled to learn from and support other young people who are committed to social justice in Portland.

And did I mention...? I'm pretty darn obsessed with exploring the Pacific Northwest and all the adventures it offers.

 LizaJDyer1.jpgLiza J Dyer, CVA | Marketing Chair

Multnomah County Library | Program Coordinator, Volunteer Services

Hometown: Portland, Oregon and Friday Harbor, Washington

AmeriCorps Alum | Whale Nerd | Knitter

What I love about Portland: All the interconnectedness. Whether it's people or access to amazing nature, there's a sense of connection that I haven't found anywhere else.

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: When I found out about YNPN Portland, I knew I’d found the right group of people to expand my network and grow professionally. Since getting involved in 2013, I haven't been wrong! One of my favorite things about YNPN people is that we see one another as leaders and changemakers. We're not waiting to lead at some future point; we're leading now.

And did I mention...? I used to sing and play trumpet, flugelhorn, and ukulele in a science band.

 christiane.jpgChristiane Fitzgerald | Board Member

Bradley Angle | Development Associate

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Compulsive Road-tripper | Lover of Cheese | Voracious Bookworm

What I love about Portland: I love how wonderfully weird and quirky Portland is (from its art scene to its food cart pods), yet at the same time it is a city that is serious about tackling world issues like economic equity and preserving the environment.

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: YNPN Portland is a diverse group of incredibly smart, innovative and caring people. We may work or volunteer in non-profit organizations with differing missions, but we have a common goal of learning and growing together to make our small corner of the globe a more humane, inclusive space for everyone!

And did I mention...? Whether you're a seasoned non-profit professional, recent graduate, or changing fields as you go through your quarter-life crisis, YNPN Portland has a place for you. We've all been there, and we do our darndest to commiserate, inspire, and cheer each other on through all the steps of non-profit professional development!

Katie_Frederick.jpgKatie Frederick | Board Member

Camp Fire Columbia | Development Associate

Hometown: Springfield, Missouri

Pun & Anagram Enthusiast | MO State Debate Team Alum | Pizza Connoisseur 

What I love about Portland: I love that it has features associated with a big city - transportation, amazing food, so many things! - but doesn't feel overwhelming in size. It's such a beautiful place and there are always new things to explore.

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: I enjoy connecting with other people who are passionate about social justice, particularly those who are at similar stages in their lives and careers. Since joining YNPN as a volunteer, I've been able to expand my knowledge about the nonprofit sector through working on exciting projects with really talented people. It's a good space to "nerd out" about nonprofit issues while empowering young people in the sector to enact genuine change.

And did I mention...? I love TV! You can easily win me over with references to 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, the West Wing, Veep, Gilmore Girls, OITNB, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Office, or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

kevin_kennedy.pngKevin Kennedy | Board Member

Idealist.org | Grad Fair Manager

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Portland Native | Instagram Addict | New to YNPN

What I love about Portland: I'm a proud Portland-native, born and raised! My entire life has been shaped by this diverse community of passionate, creative, and intellectual individuals. Portland is a place that allows you to be whoever you want to be.

Why I'm involved in YNPN Portland: YNPN Portland's commitment to support "the development of young professionals to strengthen their role in a viable, inclusive and collaborative nonprofit sector" truly resonates with me. I'm in the beginning stages of my nonprofit career and I'm excited to immerse myself in a community of folks in the same space. This is an opportunity for me to support others, while being supported at the same time!

And did I mention...? I'm very interested in international travel and eager to experience different cultures of the world. During my teen years I was member of pop band - a total heartthrob. Food is another passion of mine, and I've got recommendations for anyone that visits the city.


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