YNPN Portland 2018 Midterm Ballot Guide

YNPN Portland believes that a strong social sector is able to respond to inequities in our society - not only through the services of nonprofit organizations, but also through advocacy and encouraging folks to help influence systems with their vote. From reproductive justice and racial profiling to fair housing and tax changes, there’s a lot at stake this midterm election.

Below are our positions on the measures you’ll see on your November ballot:

YES on 26-201: support the inclusive and equitable climate movement by supporting the Portland Clean Energy Initiative.

YES on 26-199 & 102support expanded affordable housing.

NO on 105: Protect Oregonians from unfair racial profiling.

NO on 103 & 104: reject these tax loopholes and breaks for large corporations - don’t put funding for healthcare, schools, and services in jeopardy.

NO on 106: defend access to care for vulnerable Oregonians.