YNPN Portland Member Playlist: Meg

One of our favorite ways to feature YNPN Portland members is on our blog! Today, YNPN Portland member Meg Petersen is sharing her go to Pandora playlists for getting her hyped after working a long day. Take it away, Meg!

Hi! I'm Meg. I'm 30 years old and I'm a major gift officer at Reed College in SE Portland.

Being a child of the 90s - and a young adult of the 2000s - my go to pump up playlist is always either 90s Pop Radio or 2000s Hip Hop Radio on Pandora. Not only do they provide some great throwbacks from high school and college days, but the music gets me energized and hyped. I usually listen while I'm on a run after a long day at work and I'm trying to catch my vitamin D, or while I'm cooking dinner. I travel a lot to see donors, so I also listen while I'm on the road, in my car.

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